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RFID Bus Ridership for K-12

Bus Ridership for School Districts


rfid for bus riders We understand that safety is a key school district priority. Radiant RFID’s Bus Ridership module utilizes passive RFID technology to better account for buses and riders. School administrators can more quickly respond to problems that arise, such accidents or missing persons, with important, real-time information.




  • Parents: Receive notification if their student riders have missed the bus or boarded unassigned buses.
  • Transportation: Deliver more accurate rider manifests for reporting and accountability while achieving greater visibility into route use for planning.
  • Finance: Gain better insight into transportation costs to maximize reporting and reimbursement.
  • Principals & Teachers: Access important "last seen" information in the event students are absent or missing from campus.





Radiant’s solution minimizes error while delivering critical information in a way that's easy to use. 

  1. Student ID badges, enabled with passive RFID technology, delivers information that a rider was "seen" after he or she boards a bus.
    *The only data on a Radiant badge is a randomly generated EPC code, which is a hexadecimal string that contains no personally identifying information and is different than a school-issued student ID number.
  2. Onboard readers validate that students are riding the correct buses.
  3. Bus manifests and route information are deliverd to Transportation. Text and/or email notifications can be configured to alert parents in the event of missing riders.
  4. Reporting: Transportation managers can search individual bus riders and quickly access trends, peak days, and historical data from dashboard-style software.


rfid for school buses


UHF Gen II RFID Infrastructure Combined with Radiant RFID’s Sophisticated Software

There are several versions of RFID, but only UHF is capable of performing across an entire campus. Designed properly, a passive RFID system can report bus and classroom attendance, enable enhanced security, locate equipment and assets, and deliver important "last-seen" information during emergencies.


With our partners, we can empower school bus locating with GPS technology, bringing a whole new dimension to our platform. Information such as route and bus ridership becomes simple and incredibly accurate.


rfid for school busesEveryone that is a part of the school district can see the benefits:

  • Parents
  • Administrators
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Transportation Managers
  • IT Officers


A few notable points about passive RFID and school campuses:

  • RFID techology is not GPS and doesn't track you everywhere. Read range of our passive RFID solution is a few meters.
  • Noidentifying information (name, address, age, gender, etc.) is stored on or can be transferred from our RFID badges.