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State of New Jersey Awards Radiant RFID 5-Year Emergency Management Solution Contract

rfid for evacuation and emergency managementAUSTIN, Texas (October 18, 2012) – Radiant RFID (“Radiant”) announced today that the State of New Jersey has awarded the company a five-year contract to assist evacuation and emergency tracking during catastrophic events.


Radiant will provide the state with a managed evacuation solution that manages evacuee, pet, emergency transport vehicle, and commodity locations deployed at state shelters in preparation for and in the event of a hurricane, natural disaster or other incident to assist in reunification of families. In addition, Radiant will manage hardware components, deployment processes and training as well as all maintenance and management functions in support of the State of New Jersey.


Utilizing the latest in passive RFID technology, Radiant’s Emergency Management Solution is the only RFID-based solution designed to assist emergency management teams with large-scale evacuations by making the continuous movement of people, pets and assets easy to track without repeatedly stopping people to take their name or scan a bar code. The seamless tracking helps eliminate lines, reduce redundancy and keep families together in times of emergency.


Along with the 8.8 million residents of New Jersey, Radiant RFID’s solution covers the State of Texas, State of South Carolina, and City of Boston – approximately 18 percent of the United States population.


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