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Texas Emergency Tracking Network & Radiant RFID Receive Global and National Emergency Management Awards


emergency evacuationThe International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) has announced that both the IAEM-Global Partners in Preparedness Award and the IAEM-USA Partners in Preparedness Award for 2011 have been awarded to the Texas Emergency Tracking Network for its cooperative data-sharing project.


Project partners named in the award include Texas Department of Public Safety Emergency Management Division, Texas Dept of State Health Services, Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council, Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council, Sabine-Neches Chief’s Association, University of Texas Center for Space Research and Radiant RFID, LLC.

The Texas Emergency Tracking Network (TxETN) is a comprehensive network of systems which allow emergency management and healthcare officials across the state to update the last known location of citizens who have been impacted by a disaster so that families can be reunited and overall response can be enhanced. Data systems linked by the data sharing project are: Radiant RFID’s All Hazard Response Network, ESi’s WebEOC, Intermedix’s EMTrack and the Southeast Texas regional tracking system developed by the Sabine Neches Chief’s Association.

Radiant RFID is contracted by the Texas Division of Emergency Management to manage the Texas Emergency Tracking Network. Texas began implementing the system following the tragedies of separated families encountered during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Today, TxETN is the most comprehensive and hardware-rich emergency management system in the United States using RFID, GPS and barcode technologies to track transportation assets, evacuees/shelter guests, hospital patients as well as pets.

The IAEM-USA awards certificates will be presented at the IAEM-USA Annual Conference, Nov. 11-17, 2011, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The IAEM-Global awards certificates will be presented at the IAEM-Global Annual Conference, EMEC Europa, held Oct. 11-13, 2011, in Munich Germany.

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