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Sam Houston State University Installs Radiant RFID Asset Tracking Solution

Sam Houston State University, a member of the Texas State University System, has chosen and installed the Radiant RFID Virtual Asset Tracking Solution to inventory critical IT equipment such as desktops, laptops, servers, televisions, cameras, radios, projectors, and monitors.


“These items are integral to us as a university” said Mark Adams, CIO at Sam Houston State University. “They are high value, high visibility, and mostly portable. It makes good sense for us to use RFID technology to keep track of them. We were impressed by Radiant RFID, and the time savings and efficiencies that their system offered us. We will start with IT assets and continue to rollout the solution to many different types of items including furniture, lab equipment, vehicles, fire safety equipment, and more.”


Sam Houston State University is just one member of the Texas State University System to use Radiant RFID’s Virtual Asset Tracker. The Texas State University System is leveraging their investment in Radiant's solution across all system universities. The server software is centrally hosted at the data center located at Texas State University – San Marcos. Each additional university within the Texas State University System manages their own individual database of assets.


“When we approached the Texas State University System with an enterprise model we all agreed that it made good sense at many levels” said Kenneth Ratton, Vice President of Sales for Radiant RFID. “Each university maintains control over their own assets and data but as a whole costs are lowered through the efficiencies of central hosting. Additionally, as we come out with new enhancements and modules they are rapidly rolled out to all universities within the system so they can all take advantage of them. We look forward to working with Sam Houston State University and the Texas State University System on new and exciting uses for RFID as well as maintaining a low cost solution for overall system use.”


About Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University, a member of the Texas State University System, has been preparing students for meaningful lives of achievement for over 130 years. Sam Houston State University has a student population of approximately 17,000 and offers 79 bachelor's degree programs, 54 master’s programs and five doctoral programs, including nationally recognized programs in Business, Fine Arts, Education, Mathematics and Criminal Justice. Its motto, “The measure of a Life is its Service,” echoes across SHSU’s five colleges and beyond campus through student research, creative endeavors, service learning, volunteering and more. Find out more at

Radiant RFID Installs Building Access Control Solution for Coach America

Radiant RFID today announced that Coach America, a leading provider of passenger ground transportation services, has expanded its use of the Radiant RFID Access Control Solution. Coach America now uses the latest in UHF RFID technology to monitor and control access to its San Antonio office building.


“We felt that the Radiant RFID solution was best suited to help us meet our access control goals” said Rich Funke, General Manager. “We were able to leverage our initial investment and expand it to our offices. The Radiant system provides better performance than a proximity card system. It is unobtrusive and works for gates and doors without requiring personnel to carry separate badges. Additionally, in case of emergency, we know who is in our building at any time; because unlike a proximity card, UHF RFID captures all entrances and exits regardless of if you follow someone into the office.”


The Coach solution ties the existing Access Control software to RFID readers at doorways and permits access based on badge permissions. Antennas are discreetly mounted around doorways and UHF RFID provides longer read ranges and permits access without having to swipe or present badge.


“Coach approached us to help with security and access and we are very happy that they expanded the use of our Access Control solution to include the main San Antonio personnel office” said Cynthia Rubio, President of Radiant RFID. “Coach has increased building and employee security without the cost and trouble of having to install a separate solution using new and different components. We continue to see the expansion of RFID helping in new areas with our customers”


About Coach America

Coach America is the largest tour and charter bus operator and the second largest motorcoach service provider in the US surface transportation industry. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Coach America provides transportation services throughout the United States.

Radiant RFID’s Access Control Solution Passes 5 Million Tag Read Milestone


Radiant RFID and The Hills of Lakeway passed the five million tag read milestone today. A Hills of Lakeway resident vehicle approached the entry gate to the neighborhood at Lohmann’s Crossing; the RFID tag affixed to the windshield was read, validated with the Radiant RFID Access Control software, and the gate to the neighborhood was opened. Exactly as the system was designed. All within a matter of milli-seconds.


“We are extremely pleased with the reliability and the dependability of the Radiant RFID Access Control solution” said Angela Thielemans, Community Association Manager. “It provides greater security and peace of mind for the residents at the Hills of Lakeway and also allows the security guards working at the primary entrances to the community to assist visitors and contractors more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, residents are able to access the neighborhood faster and we don’t worry about lost gate clickers or shared access codes.”


The Access Control solution consists of RFID access tags, RFID readers and antennas at entry and exit points, and the Radiant RFID Access Control software. Tags are read as residents approach entry gates and access is granted based on tag permissions. Temporary tags for visitors and contractors can be issued and access can be controlled by day of week and time of day.


“The Hills of Lakeway and their property management company were looking for ways to allow faster and more reliable access for residents, increase security for the neighborhood, and use newer technology than gate codes and clickers” said Cynthia Rubio, President of Radiant RFID. “They wanted a solution that is unobtrusive to the residents and dependable in all weather conditions. The five millionth tag read is a small celebration of our joint success for meeting and exceeding system requirements. We look forward to 10, 20, 30 million tag reads and more.”


About The Hills of Lakeway

Set only a short mile from the shores of Lake Travis, The Hills of Lakeway has over 7,200 residents and offers a choice of amenities including a country club, golf, tennis, hiking trails, a fitness center and more. The Hills of Lakeway is considered a real value for those who appreciate living in the Texas Hill Country. Additionally, The Hills plays annual host to the Champions Tour Golf Tournament.

Radiant RFID Selected to Participate at the U.S. State Department's First Pathways to Prosperity Women Entrepreneurs Conference


-Secretary of State’s Office of Global Women’s Issues and the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs co-host conference -


Washington, DC – October 7-9, 2009 – Cynthia Rubio, co-founder, Radiant RFID was selected to represent North America at the Pathways to Prosperity Women Entrepreneurs conference. Approximately 70 Women Entrepreneurs from across the America’s were selected to participate in the conference, hosted for the first time by the United States. Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas is an initiative that joins together countries in North, Central, and South America to identify policies and programs that will aid in the economic prosperity of all people.


The conference promotes networking among entrepreneurs, access to international markets, finance, and training for women throughout the America’s. Nearly 80% of people living in poverty today are women and children. “It’s amazing to see women from so many walks of life, educational backgrounds, and economic status come together for the common goal of simply making the lives of others better” said Rubio. “The domino effect of women helping women will be a powerful influence on the futures of so many”.


Radiant RFID is Awarded Management of Evacuation System for the State of Texas


The State of Texas Governor’s Division of Emergency Management (GDEM) has awarded the management of the Special Needs Evacuation Tracking System (SNETS) to Radiant RFID, LLC of Austin, Texas.


In the award, Radiant, through their reseller arrangement with AT&T, will provide management of all hardware components, deployment processes and training as well as all maintenance and management functions in support of SNETS – the world’s largest and most comprehensive evacuation management system which was procured by the State of Texas in 2007. SNETS is unique in that it is RFID-based and utilizes passive RFID wristbands to make scanning at shelters and other locations quick and easy. The RFID solution was originally provided by Radiant, and due to the high performance of the system, Radiant’s role was expanded to include the rest of the technology components.


“Radiant RFID was instrumental in making the evacuee tracking a success” said Jack Colley, Chief – Texas Governor’s Division of Emergency Management, speaking at a December 2008 meeting concerning the evacuation response for Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.


The State of Texas system has over 3,000 devices including computers, handheld scanning devices, RFID portals, RFID handheld scanners, GPS devices and cell phones. It was designed to track evacuees so their location and safety can be communicated to family members and assist with reunification efforts for families who have become separated during an evacuation. The system also tracks transportation assets, such as buses used during an evacuation, for faster decision making for emergency management officials.


About GDEM

The Division of Emergency Management is a division of the Governor's Office and is also an operating division of the Texas Department of Public Safety designated as the Emergency Management Division. GDEM is charged with carrying out a comprehensive all-hazard emergency management program for the State and for assisting cities, counties, and state agencies in planning and implementing their emergency management programs.


About AT&T

For more than a century, AT&T has consistently provided innovative, reliable, high-quality products and services and excellent customer care. Today, our mission is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else. We're fulfilling this vision by creating new solutions for consumers and businesses and by driving innovation in the communications and entertainment industry.




Radiant has extensive experience deploying and supporting our RFID solutions via fully hosted SaaS or enterprise activations, typically starting at 25,000+ assets. As a leader among RFID companies, our customers manage $10B in assets daily.

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Our flagship products for Asset Tracking, Emergency Management, Employee Evacuation, and Asset Protection also feature companion mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.


Radiant customers receive world-class, 100% U.S.-based support and training from our team of dedicated RFID Specialists, including real-time, interactive technical support.

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