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RFID and Device-Driven Data Security: What's the Value of Your IP?

Often times, we focus on the day-to-day uses of RFID for asset tracking. In fact, the most common reason our customers choose our VAT asset tracking solution is to inventory large numbers of high-value "things" more quickly and efficiently than legacy or manual methods. From devices to furniture to equipment, RFID achieves this by greatly reducing physical barriers and human error.


However, with data increasingly accessible from and stored on smaller devices like phones and tablets, intellectual property can more easily exit a company without being detected. What happens when a laptop with sensitive data leaves a facility? Who is the first to know, and how is he or she alerted in time to address any issues? Is hardware monitoring centralized?


rfid data securityCase in Point: One of our higher education customers recently experienced this when a state-funded laptop exited a campus building in a would-be thief's bag. By using VAT, the administrator was able to quickly determine which device was missing, its last-seen location, and match the time stamp with the perpetrator's ID badge. The device was recovered without compromising data.


Today's passive RFID systems provide multiple uses with one infrastructure for much less cost than active RFID technology. In addition to inventory tracking, customers can enhance security using the same fixed readers for door-level access control and tags that alert administrators when they are removed from devices. In addition, a VAT administrator can set auto-notification when a tagged asset passes through designated areas. A creative strategy can enhance an organization's security protocols with as much - or as little - visibility to workers.


The Evolution of Asset Tracking
Because they each use label type tags, many people think that bar codes and RFID are the same. In reality, RFID is a more powerful and efficient technology. Line of sight and single read limitations prevent bar code technology from providing substantial gains in efficiency. The application of RFID technology allows for reading of multiple tags at one time without requiring line of sight.

The evolution of asset tracking technology has made taking inventory faster and more efficient. In the beginning, metal ID plates allowed personnel to more easily identify key items. Of course, one still had to read them individually, and human error in data capture limited effectiveness.

The ubiquitous bar code automated the process and allowed people to scan individual items using a handheld scanner. RFID is the next generation of technology and allows users to scan multiple items at one time and does not require line of sight. Unlike bar codes, RFID systems, including tags, readers and software, enable personnel to locate tagged items without climbing ladders, crawling under desks, or having to be in direct line of sight.

Radiant Celebrates a Milestone, our Customers, and a Great Year

In November, Radiant turned 10! Many of our customers have been with us from the beginning. Following is a brief video with our Top 10 highlights from 2014:




To learn more about who we are and what we do, go to or contact our Sales Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


RFID in Education: Myths vs. Facts

As educators across the county seek to improve student attendance reporting, security and emergency management and IT asset visibility in schools, RFID technology has recently gained popularity among school boards and administrators. In general, RFID benefits schools and communities by:

  • Reducing teacher workload, paperwork and distractions;
  • More quickly alerting school staff as to who is missing, rather than counting those present;
  • Enhancing situational awareness by enabling teachers, principals, hall monitors, and security staff to be aware of an area usage and alerted to breaches or exceptions; and
  • Improving efficiencies in attendance reporting, bus routing and ridership, and IT asset management


Like other modern technologies that go mainstream, greater awareness can be joined by a natural skepticism, which is why it’s important to communicate RFID technology’s capabilities and limitations and to implement best practices for their communities. Following are some common myths and facts about RFID technology in schools:


Myth: RFID invades privacy

  • RFID is not GPS; it does not track you everywhere.
  • The only information written to an ID badge is a randomly generated number called the Electronic Product Code (EPC), which looks something like this: 0E0129904ABCD11000012345.
  • An EPC is meaningless unless it is associated with identifying information.
  • Data read by RFID readers is placed in a database, and is completely separated from associated identification data stored in another database unique to a school district.


Myth: Anyone with an RFID reader can ‘track’ students or access identifying information
Because no identifying information is written to or stored on a badge, anyone with an RFID reader would only be able to read a randomly generated EPC number.


Myth: Students can just hand their card to someone else to be “here”.

  • Fraudulent usage can be detected by the system, and administration can be notified.
  • Badges that always appear together throughout a day can be noted.


Myth: RFID is new technology that isn’t yet ready for adoption.

  • RFID technology has been in use for over 70 years.


Radiant works with educators and administrators every day to implement technology based on the highest standards of reliability and privacy, which is why we think it’s important to:

  • Implement passive, rather than active, RFID technology in schools. In a nutshell, a passive RFID chip does not contain its own power source and can’t ‘beacon’ its location 24-7. It only transmits a randomly generated EPC code to a reader when it comes within a few feet.
  • Avoid printing identifying information on student badges.
  • Educate parents and guardians about how location information will be used, how long it will be stored in a school database, and campus data security protocols.
  • Make parental opt-out easy.

When implemented with best practices in support of existing accountability methods, passive RFID technology enables teachers, parents, and administrators to achieve greater school awareness.

VAT 6 is Here

icoAssetTrackingVirtual Asset Tracker (VAT), the company’s flagship asset tracking solution software, released version 6.0 on June 30, 2014. Hosted customers automatically received this major version release. 


Less Clicking. More Doing with VAT 6: The new version delivers a new user interface and expanded capabilities that makes keeping track of assets faster, easier and more convenient.


Highlights are: 

  • Fully responsive design
  • Optimized for iOS and Android devices 
  • Better performance
  • Search from any screen


Additional features are: 

Automatic Update: Radiant RFID VAT desktop Asset Manager and Mobile Storekeeper clients no longer need administrative permissions for automatic update.

Undo Inventory of an Asset: VAT administrators have the option in the Web Asset Manager to undo the inventory of an asset which has been inventoried in error or accidentally. The undo inventory resets the asset’s previous inspection date and is captured in the asset history.

Mobile Functionality: a mobile friendly version of the VAT Web Portal is supported in VAT 6.0.0 and beyond. Much of the functionality of the desktop browser is available in the Mobile browser, such as asset management and asset transfer. Some functionality is not available in the mobile VAT such as system administration and add-on modules such as Straight Line Depreciation.


About VAT: Utilized by Fortune 500 companies, universities and school districts, and large government organizations, Radiant’s Virtual Asset Tracker answers the question, “Where is that…” with minimal human involvement and maximum accuracy. VAT keeps track of expected and exact locations of all types of assets; provides robust reporting and analytics that integrate with popular ERP systems; features an easy-to-use, configurable interface with dashboard-style home screen for convenient asset overview; supports passive and active RFID tags, and works with fixed and mobile handheld RFID scanners and smartphones.


Ready to learn more? Tell us a little about your asset tracking and management challenge, and we will follow up.

Why RFID for Asset Management? Our Top 10 List...

Greetings from the Asset Management team at Radiant. One of the most common questions we hear is "Why RFID?" When it comes to managing large numbers of high-value assets, organizations consider RFID technology for a variety of reasons. Below are our Top 10 in a nutshell.

10. Enable true cost control
9. Audit-proof inventory
8. Protect critical information on devices
7. Scale faster and more efficiently
6. Support life cycle management
5. Create a culture of re-use
3. Increase visibility
2. More quickly identify what's lost or missing
1. Vastly reduce human effort -- and error!


Do you have a specific or unusual reason? If so,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with your unique asset tracking challenge or story.




Radiant has extensive experience deploying and supporting our RFID solutions via fully hosted SaaS or enterprise activations, typically starting at 25,000+ assets. As a leader among RFID companies, our customers manage $10B in assets daily.

Mobile RFID

Our flagship products for Asset Tracking, Emergency Management, Employee Evacuation, and Asset Protection also feature companion mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.


Radiant customers receive world-class, 100% U.S.-based support and training from our team of dedicated RFID Specialists, including real-time, interactive technical support.

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